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4.5 star rating
11 reviews
Chicken Wings, Fast Food, Asian Fusion

Opened 5 weeks ago

4.5 star rating
10 reviews
Outer Mission, Excelsior

Opened 4 weeks ago

4.5 star rating
14 reviews
Seafood, Bars, Seafood Markets
Noe Valley

Opened 5 weeks ago

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June R.
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Review of the Day
5.0 star rating

Our niece just moved to the neighborhood just around the corner on Duboce. We were headed for the taqueria next door but ended up here - it was the aroma of the delicious food that lured us in and also the really nice outdoor seating area. Order taken just inside the restaurant. We ordered the fresh pita with haloumi for starter. Service was quick and friendly. The pita was hot and fresh and the warm Haloumi was thre... Continue reading

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